Gift vouchers

Are you out of ideas when it comes to presents for your family or friends?

Surprise them with a sightseeing gift voucher that will let the recipients have a memorable experience they look back to with delight. The gift vouchers may be used at an optional time on a customised route but for a night-time sightseeing tour as well. With this gift you will surely bring joy to anyone because flying with a helicopter is an uplifting experience.
FLY4LESS Kft. offers a convenient, fast and reliable way of travelling for you or your company. Fly with us inland or abroad from a departure location of your choice with a turbine powered helicopter able to carry up to 6 passengers which meets our customers’s every need whether he/she is a private individual, corporate leader or a well-known person. Flying with us our customers can bridge long distances in a short time while listening to music and enjoying the view from comfortable leather seats. Our english speaking crew makes the flight even more convenient to foreign customers. The helicopters are available with two pilots on request.
Helicopter sightseeing tours

See the sights of Budapest and its surrounding areas or the unparalleled beauty of Visegrad and the Danube Bend from bird’s eye perspective in the daytime or at night offering an unforgettable experience for everyone.

Our turbine helicopters can comfortably carry up to 6 passengers which makes it possible to offer sightseeing flights for larger groups as well. Leather seats, light music and constant communication possibility through the intercom system ensures the comfort for all passengers during the flight. For foreign customers a multi-lingual brochure is available. By being present on an event or by performing flights on customized itineraries we strive to satisfy our customers’ every needs. Take the participants of your event to a helicopter sightseeing flight, enrich your guest with an unforgettable experience!
A helicopter is one of the most practical tools when it comes to recording special aerial films. We provide the opportunity to our customers to install well known camera systems on board such as Tyler equipments, stands or fixed handy cams. The helicopters can be ordered with the most widely used systems such as WESCAM, FLIR and CINEFLEX which provide vibration-free results in a 360° angle. We have taken part in the production of numerous commercials for companies such as Claas, Kia, Pannon, for events such as the Carlsberg Football European Championship but we have assisted on numerous occasions in the broadcasting of the Formula-1 Hungarian Grand Prix to millions of viewers from our helicopters. The helicopters are often ordered as a „visual effect” for commercials such as in Saridon commercial. Taking advantage of the helicopter’s hovering ability the pilots are able to hold a steady position above a certain object for a long time and the sliding doors give opportunity to prepare perfect recordings. With a cruise speed of 220 kmph a helicopter is perfect for filming moving objects but can be your solution in case you need an immediate transfer to a desired location to be able to broadcast an event live.

Do you need special aerial photos?

With our helicopters we offer to take professional high quality photos of territories ranging up to several acres, building complexes, industrial facilities, sporting- or special events. Our choice of services include building photography, orthophotography, commercial photography and field photography. The hovering ability of the aircraft and its sliding doors make the helicopter one of the best tools to take high-quality photos. Our experienced pilots are able to hover with the helicopter over a certain object for minutes thus allowing the opportunity to take perfect pictures. Several companies have already relied on our services to find and survey the location of their new infrastructrual projects.

Would you like to arrive at the same spot as the Formula-1 pilots do?

Book your tickets in time for the annual Formula-1 Hungarian Grand Prix and arrive in our exclusive helicopters right next to the racetrack where you might even have a chance to meet some of the pilots in person. With us you can avoid the traffic chaos prevailing at the time of the race and discover the beauty of Budapest during the flight which only takes 20 minutes back and forth from the downtown. We have been transporting Formula-1 fans for many years starting either from Drava street in the downtown of Budapest or directly from the hotel courtyard to the Hungaroring racetrack if possible. After arriving at the racetrack shuttle buses take the passengers to the gate of the appropriate sector. The race itself or even pratice days can be visited by our helicopters, allowing to carry up to 6 passengers in convenient leather seats. Transfer from hotels in the downtown of Budapest to the heliport is provided on request for extra fee. Bank cards are accepted on the spot.

Do you urgently need a spare part because the production has come to a halt?

Thanks to the speed and reliability of our helicopters this may not be a problem. We deliver the product directly to the required location with a travelling speed of 220 km/h. The spacious cabin and the baggage compartment of the aircraft allow the transportation to be safely executed. In case the item to be delivered requires more space, the interior of the aircraft can be quickly altered by removing the seats, which is especially allowed by the large cabin of our Eurocopter AS350 B1. We have assisted in the shipping of packages inland, furthermore delivered components to factories in Germany crucial for the restart of operation on numerous occasions. This is your chance to save time and money by taking advantage of our speed and reliability.
Whether it is a particularly high tower that needs to be rigged or various equipments which need to be lifted, with our assistance you can get the job done. When it comes to heights unreachable by conventional cranes a helicopter will offer the only solution. With our Eurocopter AS 350 B1 helicopter which is equipped with a special cargo hook supported by its 693 hp and 850 kg useful load capacity your „heavier problems” can easily be solved. Heavier items than that may be lifted with the helicopters of our foreign partners. Continuous communication between the ground staff and the pilot is always available during lifting in order to work safely and effectively. Our partners make various kinds of special harnesses with other security equipments which we only charge a lease fee for the duration of use.

Check powerlines or fuel pipelines regularly to prevent unexpected malfunctions!

Let us propose you a helicopter wine and gourmet tour available only at FLY4LESS Kft. We take you to Hungary’s renowned wine districts or to a scenic countryside castle. During an approximately one hour flight you will be able to experience the beautiful landscape of Hungary from comfortable helicopter seats. Should you demand a more adventurous flight, our experienced pilot will make sure to raise your adrenalin levels on the way. After arrival you will find yourself in a fabulous environment eating unique dishes and tasting quality wines.

Tokaj wine region

Tokaj wine district is the most renowned and oldest Hungarian wine district situated in North-Eastern Hungary and became to a part of World Heritage in 2002. „Wine of the Kings and King of the Wines” said Louis XIV. French king after tasting Tokaji Aszú. Disznókő Estate is Tokaj wine district's determining wineyard. The estate's buildings are reckon amoung the world's most beautiful wineyard buildings. Visitors are escorted through the estate by multilingual tourist guides – English, French, German.

Villány wine region

The ”Wunderlich Wine Reserves and Scenic Cellars” is one of Central Europe's most beautiful and largest wine exhibition centers. Tasting rooms with a special atmosphere and an outstanding restaurant await our guests every day of the year. Our visitors can become familiar with our wines, as well as the conditions under which they are created through world-class technical presentations held in the Wunderlich Cellars and guided by trained sommeliers

Badacsony wine region

Badacsony wine district is a small jewelry box on the western side of Balaton Uplands. Sitting in front of a wine cellar we can delight all our senses, as the quality of the wines is accompanied by the beauty of the scenery, the view of the lake, the vineyards, the press-houses with white walls, and the small villages at the bottom of the hills. The wine of Badacsony was called the ”nectar of gods”. Istvándy family is engaged in grape cultivation and wine production through generations. Juice of the grapes grown here is a wonder of nature. The miraculous panorama and the fine quality wines ensure to get You in elation and enriched by unforgattable experiences.

Besides your comfort our company always takes special care to your safety therefore we offer our services exclusively with turbine helicopters which were used by Hungarian and foreign celebrities as well with full satisfaction.

Limousines are out of date!

Are you longing to have an adventurous and unique engagement? We provide a glamorous environment wherein the answer „Yes” is guaranteed. Arrive in a fancy way to one of the most memorable events of your life! In our VIP helicopter you can arrive together with your witnesses or guests to the ceremony. Passangers can pass time by listening to music or sipping champagne on board while the leather seats provide superior comfort during the flight. It is either an engagement or a wedding, make it unforgettable with a helicopter flight!

Do you want to make your business more successful?

Have you ever thought about an advertisement of your company appearing in the sky, letting more and more people be aware of it? We ensure that your company, its new product or an upcoming event gets the special attention it deserves. A helicopter and its inherent noise draws everyone’s awareness. Your company’s name, logo, slogan or any kind of advertisement placed on our helicopter becomes known to crowds. Smaller or larger advertising surfaces on the airframe are available for shorter or longer periods of time as well.

Check powerlines or fuel pipelines regularly to prevent unexpected malfunctions!

FLY4LESS Kft. undertakes the safety monitoring of powerlines or even fault-finder checking in case of malfunction. Our company won the tender published by the National Power Line Company Inc. in 2007 thus starting from 2008 FLY4LESS Kft. performs air debugging flights above electrical transmission substations and along powerlines, the scheduled safety monitoring and fault finder flights in most of Hungary’s furthermore we have carried out monitoring flights over regional medium voltage lines several times. The 15 years experience of our pilots in powerline control guarantees a precise and professional work. We have the facility for the execution of space diagnostic survey tasks by Fugro instrument in which case after the accurate calibration of the powerlines, trace- and longitudinal section drawings are made that precisely reflect reality. These surveys are supplemented with high resolution digital photos and video recordings. The aim of thermography is the detection of abnormal warming at an early stage, the prevention of faults due to warming, the detection of energy-loss, the determination of optimal service procedures and maintenance schedules, the minimalisation of operation costs by preventing direct or indirect damages. The advantage of the system is the possibility to recognise direct or alternating currents, electrics of any voltage, abnormal heating of powerlines, solidity and insulation of heating wire systems and boilers without disturbing the operation. In case thermovision diagnostic procedures are not performed regularly, risks include direct- or indirect damages to the system, fire and loss of energy.

You find it out, we make it happen!

Our young and dymanic team strives to fulfill any request of yours, however unique it is. Among others we have scattered rose-leaves and hundreds of balloons with great success for example. For those who want to know what it is like to be a helicopter pilot, we provide opportunity to try out one of our aircrafts with a certified flight instructor and we are gladly at the service of parachuters as well. We are ready for the task, the rest is up to you!


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