Our quality policy

The objectives of our company, FLY4LESS Kft. are the following:

  • To provide reliable, high-quality helicopter services to our customers with the utmost punctuality and efficiency.
  • Our goal is to fulfill the needs of our current and future customers as well as the continuously developing market.
  • We aim to take a significant position in the field of our operation on a domestic and international level.

In order to achieve aforementioned objectives, handling the internal and external factors as a proccess:

  • We strive to comply with the norms expected by our customers with the utmost attention.
  • Our quality management system is operated in accordance with the standards of MSZ EN 9001:2015.
  • The improvement of our system is a main objective and responsibility of our management. The commitment to high standards manisfests in the form of set examples and the active role in quality improvement.
  • The basis of their decisions is the collection and analasys of data, the measures of our procedures serve as a frame neccessary for development.
  • We ensure that our employees and sub-contractors receive fair payment and convenient working conditions, furthermore opportunity for continous professional development.
  • As we take responsibility for society, it is our objective to support the civil sphere (culture, sports, organizations helping children)
  • We encourage our suppliers to provide, manufacture and distribute higher-quality products and we strive to maintain mutually beneficial relationships with them.
  • Our objective is to make maximum profit for the owner.

As the rules of flying were written in blood, our entire operation revolves around the neccessity for prevention which weaves through our complete range of services.



1095 Budapest, Lechner Ödön fasor 3.

Tel: +36-70/9-44-44-40

Email: info@fly4less.hu


1095 Budapest, Lechner Ödön fasor 3.

GPS Coordinates: 47.47603°, 19.06869°

Base Airport

Budaörsi Repülőtér

1112 Budapest, Kőérberki út 36.

GPS Coordinates: 47.4479°, 18.9824°

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