Helicopter Operation

The operation of helicopters at FLY4LESS Kft. is based on the compliance with directions of JAR-OPS 3, EU-OPS and Instructions for Continoued Airworthiness.

Our colleagues are able to insure the safety of flying by operating in accordance with above directions supported by their qualifications and expertise.

Over the years we have established partnership with numerous manufacturers which allows us access to documentation at first hand either in analog or digital format.

Our related services

Documentation management

  • Detailed electronic record for parts with regulated time of operation
  • Regularly reviewed complete manufacturer’s documentation for MD 500-C-D-E/520N/600N; EC120B, AS 350 B-BA-B1, Bell 206 B3-L3, Schweizer 300 CB type helicopters.
  • Regularly checked and applied directives, bulletins issued by manufacturers, EASA and authorities.

Preparation of maintenance

  • Conduct of cyclic and occasional maintenace
  • Connection with numerous PART-145 certified maintenance organizations
  • Purchase of spare parts for any of the abovementioned types of helicopter

Connection with authorities

  • Insurance administration
  • Preparation of ReBisz records


1095 Budapest, Lechner Ödön fasor 3.

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1095 Budapest, Lechner Ödön fasor 3.

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Base Airport

Budaörsi Repülőtér

1112 Budapest, Kőérberki út 36.

GPS Coordinates: 47.4479°, 18.9824°

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