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Do you have no experience in aircraft aquisition? FLY4LESS Kft. helps to find and pick the most appropriate type for you. We are in contact with many well-recognized international partners, thus you may become the fortunate owner of your chosen aircraft within a short time. Among others we have succesfully managed aircraft aquisitions from Hong Kong, the USA, Switzerland and several EU countries. Contact us for aircraft aquisition and financing deals!
Do not risk your money. Rely on Hungary’s most experienced company in aircraft aquisiton! In the course of aircraft sale and purchase mutual distrust between parties is one of the main issues. A buyer may lose courage during a purchase of a helicopter in foreign countries because taking possession of the aircraft can only take place after the full payment is effected. For this reason we have successfully controlled such transactions through letter of credit or by involving an escrow agent which methods of payment are often demanded by Sellers as well. We have reliable partners in the United States offering Escrow Agent services. Different legal systems can cause further difficulties when an aircraft is in foreign ownership. Among others we have successfully managed aircraft aquisitions from Hong Kong, the USA, Switzerland and several EU countries. As the list suggests, our company has managed to form and implement terms and conditions of contract serving the Buyer’s interest, while in full accordance with the different legislations necessary for an Offer to Purchase, a Purchase Agreement or a seller’s declaration for Cancellation of the Ownership Title. Furthermore at the time of a purchase it is required to obtain several official documents for customs clearance and registration in Hungary. Feel free to contact us so we can solve these for you.
Do you have hardships financing your aircraft? For corporate customers our partner can offer a solution for financing the aircraft in the form of forint-, euro-, or in exceptinal cases swiss franc based credit or lease. This option is not available for individuals. The terms and conditions of finance (duration and contribution) is subject to individual specifications and credit rating. In general the duration of finance cannot be longer than 10 years and is dependant on the age of the aircraft. As a minimal amount of contribution, 15% of the purchase price of the aircraft is expected to be paid. For the duration of finance the aircraft must be covered by full insurance. In case of purchasing an aircraft it is recommended to contact us as soon as possible so we can assist our customers with guidance.
Flying home is easy, but not always possible. With the help of our partners, we can handle all domestic and international transportation to anywhere in the world by air, sea and land. Our team takes care of the professional loading of the helicopter into a shipment container and unloading it, strictly in accordance with manufacturer’s specifications. Thanks to incident free previous transportations we can offer reasonable prices through our transportation partners. We have handled multiple helicopter transportations in air from Germany, on sea from Hong Kong and the United States and on land from Spain, Italy, Switzerland.
The customs clearance of a helicopter is not routine work but the professional execution is crucial. Even customs officers often lack experience in such unique procedures which even though require methods similar to when ordinary vehicles are dealt with, often cause headaches and suspicions therefore setting the procedures back. We see through the complicated list and sources of documents which need to be submitted by the seller, the buyer and the authorities as well neccessary for the flexible administration of the customs clearance. Thereby You, as the owner can not only admire the aircraft in the hangar of the customs office but in yours instead. If it is in your interest to get over this complicated, yet unavoidable proccess effortlessly and quickly, let our experienced administrators handle it.
Are you in need of aircraft insurance with favorable rates? We have extensive connections with domestic and international insurance partners, which will serve your interests as well in case You choose to let us assist with the administration of insurance for your aircraft. With our help you may not only effect obligatory insurance ordered by authorities (PLL+WAR, TPL+WAR) but insurance covering the fuselage (HULL ALL RISK) and freight insurance as well during the transportation of the aircraft. In order to have access to favourable rates join our insurance fleet.
In order to protect you from future inconveniences and unwanted costs we are able to inspect the selected aircraft before you purchase it. Even though in Hungary only a handful of different helicopters types are available, we have extensive connections with expert engineers and technicians inland and abroad, who are able to perform the crucial in-depth inspection of an aircraft that is very circumstancial to execute due to the lack of highly-trained professionals. The thorough documentation, the review of Airworthiness directives and bulletins, the inspection of engine performance all require a deep knowledge of the specific aircraft. Before making an offer for the purchase price, our contractual partner provides a report including any identified defects and a calculation of upcoming costs of maintenance which helps our customer determine the exact value of the aircraft. Our contractual engineers have performed successful inspections on Bell, Eurocopter, Augusta, Schweizer and Robinson type helicopters.


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